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Our Company

DekSmart Railings is an innovative railing manufacturer located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Over the past 20 years of doing business we have come to represent an aluminum railing product that is associated with style, safety and durability. Our recent move into a new facility has prompted new growth as we have made exciting new changes to our manufacturing process. New equipment, modern powder coating techniques and a staff that are excited to embrace progress have increased our capacity to provide our customers with a timely and highly sought after product.

DekSmart Railings is committed to providing our dealers with the highest level of personal service and quality product available. We support our dealers as they service a wide array of customers, ranging from homeowners, and residential contractors to commercial developers. Regardless of the project size we detail each job individually to ensure that the railing is exactly what the customer envisioned for their project.

We consistently source our dealers for feedback and insight into the application of our product. We strive to be at the forefront of new product development and changes in the marketplace. Whether it is providing engineered product for specific needs or sourcing the best choices in fasteners we take pride in satisfying your railing needs.

Dealer Support

As a dealer of DekSmart Railings you are guaranteed the full support of both our administration and production staff. Working together we strive to ensure that you receive your product in a timely manner detailed with the specific railing requirements for each project.

Our in-house sales team is available to assist you in all aspects of your railing needs. Whether you have a question regarding the Canadian Building Code, engineering requirements, installation specifications, or detailing a custom railing… our team is here to support your business. Quotes are available to you as a resource to assist you in your sales to the homeowner or contractor purchasing our railings.

Our provincial sales representative is also available as a resource to give you a marketing advantage with our product. We supply you with samples of our railing styles and profiles, color swatches, brochures, a power point presentation and even a home show display for your use to demonstrate DekSmart Railings at your local venue.

Our ownership and management team brings a diversified approach to all aspects of the business, resulting in a truly unique balance that has proven extremely effective in providing you with the best possible service and products.

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