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New energy efficient lighting in our facility

new lightingDeksmart Railings  always strives to be the best at what we do.  Throughout our company history we have made many improvements to our operation to improve safety and production methods. Our latest innovation has been to install new LED high efficiency lighting throughout our Summerland plant.  We have replaced our older bank of 400 watt halide high bay fixtures with 63 new arrays of 24,000 LED lights requiring only 197 watts each.  Our new lighting system provides better, brighter, more natural illumination.  The new lighting uses less than half as much power to help us lower our energy needs and carbon footprint as well as providing a significant cost saving.   The new lighting is maintenance free, offers improved light distribution and light levels with increased lumens.   This change in our lighting provides an improvement to the conditions for our employees, allows even better quality control and saves on operating costs.

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