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How to choose the right railing for your new home or home renovation.

Canadian housing starts have come roaring back as of this April and we all know that signifies a lot of builders, general contractors and homeowners having to make decisions on everything from fascia to decks.  At DekSmart we’ve been compiling a list of criteria to help ease the pain on how to choose the right deck railing system that not only match your style, but will also provide the utmost in safety for your family and friends.

First things first.  What’s your style? We’ve all driven past those houses that look like they have been pieced and patched together over the years. They’re one part heritage, one part eighties/earl nineties and a little dash of modern sprinkled around for good measure. Hopefully, you aren’t in that kind of renovation nightmare and you have a clean slate to work with. Determining your architecture style is a major consideration for what type of deck railing you want.  If you’re going with a modern façade you might want to look at less obtrusive options with more glass. Think glass is just for modern though? Not at all! Think of a rustic chalet in the woods overlooking a lake and you can see that this would be another great opportunity to have a railing that seemingly disappears ni order to take in the view. If you are building a classic Victorian or craftsman style home you might want to consider something that follows a more traditional aesthetic such as an aluminum picket style railing that matches your color scheme.

Next thing to consider is safety and your surroundings. Do you want to maximize that view on a precariously high upper deck, but get a little queasy with no top rail?  Skip the full pickets and pass up the topless glass railing and go with a glass railing that has powder coated top rail for that extra sense of stability.  Your deck and railing specialist will be able to help you with what works with your municipalities building code in your area. Some design ideas, such as cable railings, found on blogs and home design sites look really cool and get homeowners excited, but don’t unfortunately pass the safety tests in much of Canada.

Your next consideration always comes down to how much work you want to put into maintenance. Glass railings look amazing around the pool, but when the kids are done splashing that salt water around how much time do you want to spend cleaning the streaky glass? The same goes for elevated decks with lots of glass. Keep in mind the birds, debris from blowing wind and other factors that will have you and your glass cleaner becoming best friends for a few months out of the year. If you have an aversion to squeegees you might want to consider a low maintenance aluminum railing that can be easily pressure washed once it starts looking dusty.

Whatever your needs are for deck railing, the experts at DekSmart will have a railing product that will suit your needs and budget. If you’re a builder or project manager contact us to find a representative in your area. If there isn’t a representative in your area then apply to become one today!  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing all these beautiful new railings on new home exteriors throughout Canada this summer and fall!

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